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Certain clients that have received an IRS penalty for late pay-roll deposits may be able to have those penalties

Call for details.

The number of tax professionals filing tax returns electronically has drastically increased since the IRS introduced the program in 1986. To be competitive, tax professionals must not only offer e-file as a service desired by clients, but must embrace it as an effective way to reduce routine expenses associated with paper returns.

Let’s face the facts. Clients want faster refunds, accurate returns, and verification of receipt by the taxing authority and as little interaction with the IRS as possible. Electronic filing offers all of these benefits and more!

Electronic Filing and Payment Solutions, Inc. will make sure your firm is properly registered and ready to e-file both individual and business tax returns.

Check out our Services page to see how we can help your practice.
Electronic Filing and Payment Solutions, Inc. takes the mystery out of learning e-file and develops an easy to follow program regardless of your level of expertise. Here are just a few ways we can help your practice.
  • Process design and set-up for offering electronic filing of tax returns to individual, corporate, non-profit, and payroll clients.
  • Need help with Personal Account Testing Scenario (PATS) or Business Account Testing Scenario (BATS) testing?
  • We know the mandates as dictated by the federal government and each state as it relates to your practice and/or clients.
  • Enrolling and setting up clients to make federal tax deposits/ pay-ments using EFTPS.
  • Not only can we can train you or your designated employee on how to electronically file tax returns, but we will leave you with a step-by-step guide of the process to insure you are compliant with the IRS.
  • Requesting waivers for certain large corporations or tax-exempt organizations from electronic filing requirements.

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