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The country’s only private firm offering customized training and technical support for professionals and organizations using the IRS’s e-file program and electronic payments for federal taxes.

Over 150,000 tax professionals currently use electronic filing to submit federal tax returns. If your firm is not participating in this program, now is the time to access your needs and begin saving time, money and resources.
“Taxpayers who use a coupon and write a check for their business payments are 31 times more likely to receive a penalty than those who use EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)” – IRS Research

Key Benefits
  • Immediate savings in time, money and resources.

  • Year-round technical support and training.

  • Eliminate IRS penalties for late payments.

  • Proficient in using all major electronic filing software products for tax returns.

  • Step-by-step procedures established specifically for your organization.

Can You Answer “YES” To Any Of The Following?
  • Is lack of training and support keeping your firm from filing electronically?

  • Has your firm been affected by legislative mandates that require electronic filing?

  • Are you standing in line at the bank to pay payroll or other federal taxes?

  • Does the IRS send you correspondence for missing forms/schedules?

  • Are you mailing tax returns to the IRS?


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