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“EFTPS offers taxpayers the convenience and flexibility to make federal tax payments over the Internet or by telephone, rather than the traditional process of using paper coupons. Paying taxes electronically benefits tax payers because it reduces the probability of errors and helps them avoid penalties.”

Electronic Filing and Payment Solutions, Inc. is able to assist the small business owner by establishing a series of measures to insure you timely file and pay all federal business related taxes/tax returns. EFPS, Inc. evaluates the current and projected needs of your organization and implement systems that will keep you compliant with the Internal Revenue Service.

Electronic Filing This fast, efficient and affordable method of filing business tax returns is becoming the preferred method of complying with preferred method of complying with state and federal tax laws. Filing electronically virtually eliminates late filing fees and penalties.

“In 2004, over 7 million business tax returns were filed electronically with an accuracy rate of 99%.”  Source: Internal Revenue Service

Electronic Payments (EFTPS) Since, the introduction of EFTPS in 1996, more than 5.5 million taxpayers have enrolled in the system with payments exceeding $11.6 trillion.

Whether you are required to make estimated tax payments or deposit payroll taxes, EFPS, Inc. can take the guesswork out of figuring out what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Failure to make timely payments to the IRS is one of the leading causes of accumulating a large federal tax debt. Let us help you stay out of trouble with the tax man. Take the first step to secure your business. Contact us for more information or a consultation.

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