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Many self-employed individuals and small business owners get into tax trouble because pay-ments/deposits are made late or not at all. EFTPS is a safe and secure system that allows you to make your federal tax payments on time and provides verification that the payment has been received.

EFPS, Inc. can assist individuals that are required to make quarterly estimated tax payments, estate/gift tax payments or installment payments on a balance due. Our firm will enroll you in EFTPS and provide step-by-step instructions on how to make payments electronically.

Why YOU should be making the payments electronically!
  • No more lost tax payments. Did you know you are ultimately responsible for your federal tax payments even if they’re lost by the Post Service or the IRS?
  • No more misapplied payments. If your SSN or EIN is not clearly indicated on your check/money order, your payment may be applied to an incorrect tax account.
“The Internal Revenue Service is alerting taxpayers in Virginia and 12 other states that about 30,000 federal payments sent to a San Francisco IRS post office box in early September were lost in a traffic accident.”

Source – Richmond Times-Dispatch by Bob Rayner 09/24/2005

  • Timely installment payments. If you have an installment agreement with the IRS, your payments are expected to be received by the due date to be considered timely. Late payments can default your agreement and cost additional fees to have it reinstated. Or, the IRS can begin collection activity by levying wages, bank accounts, or any other receivable income.
  • Immediate access to payment history. Providing your tax preparer with an accurate record of your estimated tax payments, allows them to prepare your tax return with greater accuracy. No more notices for estimated tax payment discrepancies.
  • Schedule your payments up to 365 days in advance. Payments are automatically debited from the account you designate and submitted to the IRS without any additional effort on your part. No more penalties for “forgotten” payments.
  • Convenience. EFTPS is safe, secure and accurate. Most importantly, the system is available when you need it, which means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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