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If your firm or organization would like to offer electronic filing as an employee benefit, Electronic Filing & Payment Solutions, Inc. can provide step-by-step procedures for setting up the program. Benefits of sponsoring IRS e-file as an employee benefit includes:
  • Saving money. Do you hire high school or college students? Most qualify to file simplistic tax returns, but professional tax return preparation often costs a majority of the refund. E-file as an employee benefit makes professional tax return preparation a reality for those who need it most.

  • Saving time. Employees can save time by dropping off their tax documents before or after work. They can also electronically file online during lunch or breaks.

  • Tax Filing Compliance. The goal of the IRS is to have 80% of all tax/information returns e-filed by 2007. E-file as an employee benefit moves the government closer to this goal and saves taxpayers millions of dollars through technological efficiencies.
Electronic filing as an employee benefit puts tax dollars in the hands of those that need it most.
Wouldn’t your employees like to get their income tax refunds quickly?

Couldn’t they use their refund for books, tuition or living expenses?

Businesses, credit unions, churches, banks, hospitals and state universities can become organizations that sponsor IRS e-file and make it available to their employees and customers for free or a nominal fee.

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